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If you are able to trust me, I am ready to teach you the thing that you have been looking for for a long time; how to get your ex back - In case you are a lonely soldier trying to do it all alone …
Hrrrrrr….boom! Then a sound of broken glass spreads out as Kelly threw Mike’s favorite Xbox 360 out of the window of their three story apartment, accompanied by shouting which sounded something like “Get lost! Get out of my apartment, you scumbag!”
Now you can realize that IT WAS THE LAST STRAW! Though Mike’s heart was full of love for Kelly he didn’t hesitate to lie to her frequently and this was more than enough to take her temper to the highest level possible during that hot summer evening.
Finally Mike left the apartment. All in all, Kelly was quite serious. At least she tried to satisfy Mike by all means. As Mike was the kind of guy who cares about his beloved one, he is diligent, he had a heart full of love for Kelly. Kelly knew that too but the rest was getting too much for her. She was just feeling stuck, and, additionally Mike didn’t have any idea about how to make Kelly feel happier! The knowledge of starting everything from scratch was unknown to him.
That’s how it got to the end of the relationship for Mike and Kelly, perpetually. Maybe that’s how many other relationships end…
What would happen if there was no ending like this?
Or what if you could retain the lost place in your lover’s heart & mind? By cleaning all the mess? Is is possible to go back to the past? What if you are feeling that your situation is pathetic…out of reach…or it is just something simple but about to go crazy?
First of all I am going to show you something that Mike could do in the first place; also the first thing that was needed to be done, this is exactly what is available in this letter….
I know very well that if you are going through such an event then your heart is full of intolerable pain. I know how it feels as I had this feeling too, and I will deliberately renew the pain that you feel to help you because I know how bad that feeling is...
There is nothing harder than just waking up every morning and rolling out of the bed without having had a sound sleep. While heading to your workplace you turn off the radio because now every song seems like a story of sorrow to you. It is even impossible to visit the same restaurant where you used to eat with her. If this is not enough you also have to feel the pain of losing friends and family members who are on her side.
Are you living with pain and confusion?
There is some good news that could cheer you up...
Were you aware that most relationships could be salvaged? It may sound unbelievable to you but no matter what the reason behind the break up is, unfaithfulness, lack of passion, decrease in interest, a broken heart or even worse, it can be saved. Even if the situation is more disastrous than you think, like the men who are serving time in prison to repay the price of the crime that they committed. The amazing news is that even the ex cons get back their girlfriends and wives, the same way they had them in the past!
Hope Never ends…
I can feel that you are thinking this is just a regular story…
And it’s natural…If you ask me
But yet are you not familiar with some couples around you who got back together? A girl who has taken back her man?... or something similar to this?
I know you do…and here is how it happened in the first place…
First of all you need to determine why they broke up. I want to add that you also know at least one man or woman who has taken back their lover even after an unwanted affair, or unfaithfulness, or something even worse to imagine.
Take a few moments to think about this…
Of course you do! And I believe that you have seen or heard of at least one gal who has gotten back with her man even when the relationship had contained verbal and physical abuse.
I strongly believe that this is not good at all and I strictly oppose the idea of taking someone back when the type of relationship was abusive. What I want to precise is that it is POSSIBLE to salvage any situation…
“Believe it or not every day couples get back together REGARDLESS of the situation”!
I am serious; doesn’t it make a little bit of sense? If the majority of people can think of the couples who have repaired their relationship when the situation was even worse than your imagination, are there some secret recipes to retain the old passions and regain the love that you lost?
Now, I am not saying that they used some “secret spells or romantic chants “ to get their ex back. Somehow, though, probably by accident, they just managed to say and do the appropriate thing AT THE RIGHT MOMENT… and that’s how they recaptured their old lover’s heart or just became able to stage a situation which gave them a second chance.
And I repeat…..that was done quite ACCIDENTLY!
Think of something….
What would happen? If what they said and also what they did could be “taped”, so that we can use it too? And all you’d need to do is just gain the meaning and make it work. To wipe out old hurts, to get back the old passion and to go back to the time when the relationship was full of love and happiness.
Of course…It’s a magical recipe of love…in a sense…
You know there is always a way open to have love as well as to win back and keep interest, desire and passion of beloved ones….
That which is done by “ACCIDENT” could be repeated over and over whenever required!
And you know?
If I were in a position similar to yours I would be in doubt, still, that is fine! I am going to show you some solid proof. Just stay focused, okay?
Are you having these symptoms too?
-Not listening to the radio because every song makes you cry
-Suffering from Anorexia
-Making calls to your ex frequently every day
-Texting and mailing so frequently that it may count as SMS Terrorism!
-Frequently having a look at your inbox/voicemail; in case he/she called
-Not leaving your apartment in case a call gets missed
-All day long thinking about possible reasons why he/she left you
-Feeling the necessity of spying on him/her
-Restlessly thinking about what you should have said
-And also rehearsing what you will say if you ever get him/her back
….in addition when you finally get in touch with him/her, it all turns into a mess because you didn’t plan what you would do…and what happens? F.E.A.R - fighting - useless arguments and finally it all becomes messy!
Are you making similar mistakes when it comes to your ex?
-Trying to convince them that you are the love of their life
-Taking all responsibility of what happened
-Promising a whole new start
-Trying to make them believe that this is not your fault
-Sometimes even begging them to take you back!
….with every word we throw out of our mouth they become more and more impatient, defensive and most of all angry.
Keep in mind this….it’s not your fault! These things are not taught in school. And most probably these are not taught by our parents either, and of course there is no existence of “Get your ex back school”…
Isn’t it true?
Indeed that’s a shame since there is nothing more important than love, is there?
Now the question is why? There are lots of books, magazines on repairing a car, earning money but yet nothing reliable on how to get your lost love back…or how to deal with your emotions, tell me is there any?
Sounds crazy nah?
But don’t worry, this has finally changed.
 “Harbon” Reveals His “Recipe of Love”
Kindly let me introduce myself to you. I am D.W. Franky, I know that it is a really weird name…the reason behind this naming is really long….so just call me “Harbon”. At the very beginning I would like to ensure that I am not a mind doctor or a guru or specialist in relationships. In reality I am not comfy to deal with academic types and you will know the reason behind it soon…
I passed most of the time in my life a military brat. FYI: I joined the Air Force at the age of 19. Because of my military career I had dozens of homes in more than 10 countries and I got the chance to live in 8 different US states!
Even as a kid I lived in varieties of places and changed schools very frequently; so from my childhood I was compelled to LEARN FASTER than my peers. Also I achieved the secrets on how to get familiar with strangers within a short notice and I met people from all fields. I was comfy in all situations like I could sit all day long in my friend’s house in Tokyo or I could open up a can of soda with one of my “redneck” buddies - believe me this doesn’t make any difference to me.
All this helped me, over time, to earn the ability to read people’s minds and this earned me the knowledge of knowing what makes them “tick” and how to create impact on their behavior and actions.
It is worth to mention that as time went by I became more and more efficient on this and I earned the fame as a “go to guy” whenever my friends fall into something difficult which relates to human behavior…..Believe me at one stage, I started to think of myself as the male version of “My Dear Abby”….
Still there is a chance that you know someone like me?....whom you visit frequently when you’ve got a “human problem”…
I was able to have huge practice on how to keep relationships together and how to retie them and make them work; even after a separation….the reason for this is that the rate of separation among military people was much higher than average people.
Caution: Methods like those are not very common!
Now this is the point where I need to WARN YOU….WARN YOU STRONGLY…as my techniques and processes are quite atypical. Getting yourself to a relationship counselor’s office makes you ANGRY because they charge about $50-$100 per hour and this can sometimes go on for months or years. What I can do is just say some words to my friend politely and the next thing that happens is he goes back home; starts watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ lying on the couch sitting next to his fiancé!
Now you can reshape your ideas about me. I disagree with the idea of sitting in a classroom and making real life experience through it; it’s almost impossible indeed.
Without any hesitation I would definitely put my money only on a guy with some real world experience.
If you are thinking of hanging out with me today then I have my own assumption that you are in some sort of “relationship trouble” too? If you permit me, I am all set to help…
Here is the way to help you…
In case you are looking forward to winning your gal or guy back then without any doubt I would be unable to talk to each of you separately, actually I don’t have the time to do so…but what I know is the best thing that is needed to be done next…
I have brought my huge experience to work and it converts into an easy recipe to be followed. The ultimate recipe to “getting back together”. Yet again I want to warn you as these are not some regular strategies, also they are not made of conventional wisdom and I don’t think that you have ever heard of these techniques.
…that will all be revealed by me…
And they work!...Perhaps they are too good?
Honestly speaking, I am a little confused on how these things work…and also I am worried that this may be used in a way that is less than honorable. What I want to make you understand is I want to help people with good manners only….I have no intention of helping those losers who want to get back with their girl when she would be better off without them. Additionally I hate helping some narrow minded chick who wants to conquer a married person.
These techniques though can be used in both ways, for good or bad!
So, my suggestions are not for people who fall in the following categories:
-People who stalk
-Guilty of an offence
-People who have got a mental disorder
-Any kind of Crazies, Cuckoos or whack jobs
Please proceed only if you are alright with this
I named my secret (!) recipe The Save A Breakup… check it out, personally I believe that this is not a “mission impossible” to accomplish. From my experience I can tell that women not only wait for their men but also they get together with the men who spent lots of years in prison…and…when it comes to men, I know some who even took their women back after they’d had more than one affair!
And also everything in between! Does it sound crazy?
In addition
You know….
Now is the time to show some proof, right? If I were you I would like to see some too.
Now here is some proof that will make you believe that it works!
The best way I can think of to make you believe that these techniques work great is by providing you with some free samples and some testimonials from people who have already succeeded by using these methods.
Instantly it came to my mind that I should give you something usable right now without giving some useless samples. One thing that will be a helping hand for you. So, here you go; a video where I am describing the primary facts about what you should do after a breakup: (Note that’s what Mike should have done in the first place)
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Need to Calm Your Mind and Heart?

This May Help a Little...

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The thing that I have noticed while helping many people , is that there are many reasons and motives behind why people take back their ex…it is worth to mention that most of the time they remain unnoticed…
Once you have learned and understood more, with a little bit of guidance, about the tasks that are needed to be done on time, it will be quite like earning the “recipe of love”…
It won’t just make you able to win your ex’s heart again; it will also allow you to keep them in your arms for a long long time…
It is really great, isn’t it?
Let’s have a look on what there is inside The Save A Breakup
Right After Downloading You’ll Have Several Virtual Benefits Such As…..
exHow to always keep your head up. Don’t forget to try my Rapid Techniques to get relief from the unbearable pain of breakup and depression…It is even possible to have better feelings within minutes! (Page 13)
exDo they care as you do? Find out the secret clues that your ex left which tell you that they still have a place for you in their heart.For now this is all you need to check(Page 21)
exYour man was in an affair? How to throw brick against brick. Within this magic collection you will find out the tricks that women use to conquer other women’s men. Learn the thing that a woman uses to take away your man; that attracts him more than anything else such as sex, food or ball games (Page 5)
exDo you have any idea about why a man leaves a woman? If you think it’s just beauty, sex and a younger face then you are wrong….Unfortunately most women are incapable of answering these questions. Men always look for this thing all day long; give them that thing and make them yours forever.(Page 5)
exThe thing that women desire most….what happens when she doesn’t get it….quickly she will try to get it from somewhere else. You will be able to win her love once again if you master the technique. (NB: This technique is the one used by people with a lack of ethics; widely used by Don Juan to take away other men’s wives!)(Page 6)
exAre they already in a relationship with someone else? Why this is not as bad as it seems…..and also how to make it work when 90% of rebound relationships don’t work in your favor. (Page 18)
exAre you the one that is in an extra relationship? The way to use the “Clean Paper” mode accompanied by other strategies to win forgiveness within the shortest time possible. (Some special kinds of bonus available)
exThe right time for making an apology. Sometimes the apology will work as a tonic for renewing your relation; in some other cases it may work in an opposite manner, and this could result in a total disaster!
exThe fastest and shortest method to win back your ex’s heart, mind and soul. Maybe it is absent in your situation since it’s so counterintuitive. (Page 33)
exDo you think you can restart? Wipe away the things that you have said? Change things that went out. Use a unique combination of Clean paper method and “break the pattern” quickly and easily.
exThe Technique of reconnecting ASAP. I was quite confused to use it since it is too powerful! This is the kind of trick which can be considered as physical judo which compels your ex to think that you are still together. In addition this is partially conscious and irresistible. (Page 43)
exExactly dictates what needs to be done to get your ex back on a date. Just play according to my rules and it will be easier. This worked more than a thousand times. (Page 38)
exThen it comes to the strong Secret of Bonding which is so powerful that sometimes hostages feel bound to their kidnappers! That’s the magic of relationships. The amazing thing about it is that it is not detectable or noticeable. In addition 99.99% of human beings can’t resist it. Let me give the chance to explain it. Like everything else it can be used for both good and bad. Once you have Save A Breakup in your hand, you have the power to strengthen your relationship or remake it. Please be sensible while using it.
exSex? Reestablishing your old relationship when you should get laid with your ex. A man or woman can do this in the wrong way. Now you will be able to speed up the situation in the right way. To the ladies, don’t you destroy the chance of get back together when you have sex with him too soon?(Page 46-48)
exWhich kind of foods are responsible for mental stress and which keep you calm. We know that reestablishing a relationship isn’t that easy, be assured that you are making the right choice when it comes to the food you eat. (Page 26-28)
exDecisions that you shouldn’t implement before you get back together. (Page 60)
exThe quick and effective techniques to eradicate hang ups occurred from negative mental impact which are indeed affecting your dieting, exercise, self esteem and other things related to mental endurance.
exRegain the lost feelings that you had when your love was brand new. Is it possible? Yes it is, once you have mastered the magical Pattern of Breaking. This is in Chapter 4.
exGals once you follow my rules, it won’t be possible for your man to remove your name from his mind.-(It is the way men’s psychology works). From his side you will start to get calls and you will be surprised to see his total transformation!
exAre you afraid that all your fighting will start again once you get back together? How to neutralize unwanted arguments before they intensify. This is so simple and easy that you will accept it as a kind of “magic”…all it takes is a single person!
exAnd many more…
Get Started Here (Instant Download)
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The techniques, principles and advice you will receive in The Save A Breakup have helped hundreds of men and women just like you win back the mind, heart and soul of the ones they love.
Will you allow me to help you too?
It would be my pleasure, and I realize that we have just met , so you may have some things on your mind…
Some FAQs
What happens next if I make an order and it doesn’t work at all? It is my personal belief, as we mentioned previously that nothing is impossible but in the past I was often proven wrong and there might be some weird reason that makes it futile for you….or in case you are not impressed at all…kindly keep it in mind that I am strictly ready to give a refund. Indeed you got two months to decide. Isn’t it cool?
Isn’t it possible to get this information on the internet without any cost? I like any opportunity to save money and I try to get stuff for free whenever possible but one fact that I know very well is that this is the only place on the planet that you can have full access of what is inside The Save A Breakup System. You should know that I have spent several hours just looking at the outcome…. And it is really nice….but it is not possible to get the whole picture….it’s not really possible to get it just by reading one or two articles without having any idea on what you are doing…..indeed it could bring damage instead of benefit.
What makes this different from other “Get your Ex back” books on the market? What do you think about competitors? Good question…I don’t want to throw a bad word about them. By the way I can tell you all about what you would get from “my competition” in a few words…
I collected everything available. Do you want to know what I got? Here is a short review of what is told by everyone in a different way…
“Never think of contacting your ex for the next 30 days…during this period work on the things that needed to be improved.”
That’s all! Could you even imagine it? These are the most common words told by them for any situation! Some may take 100 pages and some take less to throw these words. In addition you could also have some free advice but I don’t think that they are the tool that you need!
Honestly speaking in some situations you need to apologize in a better way….apologize in the way that I have described in The Save A Breakup System and you and your lover will become reunited forever.
When will I be able to receive my copy of The Save A Breakup? Another good question. Since it’s an E-book you can download it instantly. So, at the same time you will have it in both ways, in your hard drive and your hands. This is ridiculously easy to download.
Is it possible to use The Save A Breakup on a Mac? Of course! Since it is available in PDF format, you can view it on your Mac.
What happens next if I have a question about Save A Breakup? Absolutely! I would like to lend a hand with this and for you there will be an exclusive “customers only” contact address attached in the manual.
I extremely desire to see you successful in regaining your lost love…I will stay beside you and…
-I will try to stable your mind (panic mode doesn’t work at all)
-Understand your position in your ex’s heart and mind.
-Show you the correct path through a proven “love map” to reach your destination.
-Tell you all about the necessary steps to take once you get back with your ex.

Are you thinking of getting back together and then…

-Listen to your favorite music without feeling old pain
-Pass your day with a free heart
-Get back your lost appetite for food
-Start sleeping soundly again
-Start thinking of a beautiful future without thinking of the past
-Stop feeling envy each time you see a happy couple
It is possible to attain all of this for only $35. There is no risk because the “Get Your Ex Back” or “Get Your Money Back” guarantee is right there for you.
"Order and download The Save A Breakup. If you are not back together with your ex within 60 days…or you are not absolutely delighted for any reason…You will receive a prompt and courteous refund."

Sounds good?
I don’t want to sound like a salesman to you. I really hate it, but my strong recommendation is that you should order it ASAP because I can’t think of any single thing that could make your life happier and can make you enjoy delightful moments with the person you love.
What I mean is…
with every moment that goes by it becomes even harder because time plays a huge part in all this…it causes indifference in your ex and this is the factor that damages you the most.
Kindly click the order button below. Make your desired order. Download and get started with The Save A Breakup right now. This is the chance that can give you back control of love and I believe that our fate has brought us together :-)
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Rooting For You,
-D.W. (Harbon) Franky
608 West Parkway Suite 123
Russellville, AR 72801
PS  NB: Don’t wait too long to Place your order, as time goes by your ex lover’s anger may keep increasing and that would in result in making the task more and more difficult for us.
Last PS :-) I thought I would like to share a few amusing notes I received :-) (All notes are on file.)

Here's What Everyday People Are Saying

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It works for long-distance relationships…
Thanks a lot and I want to tell you about how great it was for me. I completely followed your guide after an end of a three year old relationship (first one after the end of my 30 year marriage). It started as one of the toughest things in my life and after the first three weeks, I started to feel better. Within three weeks, I got an apology from my ex…Right now, I had the inner power to “sleep on it” and sent a response to him the next day. He called me in a hurry and wanted to see me as soon as possible and wanted to meet me. Again we started going out but we are proceeding slowly. I can feel that inside we are full of love for each other. FYI: This is a long distance relationship and your program works.
I am happy to have him back in my life.

Thanks again,
Restarted Dating!
First of all thank you soooooooooooo much for the advice in your book The Save A Breakup. Yesterday was the well desired First Date and believe me it went really amazing….Just received an email describing how wonderful it was, and it was really great to get back together. In addition when I broke up and was feeling deadly bad, your book showed me the way to remove the dark cloud under which I was living. It was a real life saver for me. Now I am stronger and happier than I ever was before. I want to keep the pace steady as I am still not at the end of your plan!! It was really unbelievable since just two months ago I was feeling like a zombie but now I have started to get back my old feelings.

The Question of Ex POPS
…a mail for you full of thanks and respect. He has just proposed to me. Now we are more in love than anytime ever

Thanks a lot

Having conversation again…
I would just like to thank you!!
We started to talk. The letter thing proved to be a lifesaver though I was confused at first.
I got what I paid for…
I think you are incredibly effective!!! Again & again my ex is calling me and expressing his wish to see me. This is thanks to my changed attitude. Changes have started to appear and everything is working really fine….You can’t even imagine what a big impact you made…
Thanks and best wishes. Carry on!!! I have never spent money in such a useful way.
Casey’s girl is back with him!
Good news indeed, my ex reunited with me! The guy with whom she was going out was no good and she was cheating with herself the whole time (according to her). Thanks a lot for the support.
On the 25th January of this year we got married as one of the happiest couples…
No Scam At all
I understand that something like this is possible to happen…

I was not sure why I spent $39 on this e-book. I thought this was going to be a waste of money. The book won’t satisfy as promised.

Please announce in your book that it’s not a scam and there is a total of 62 pages in this book, PLUS BONUSES.

I am beyond happiness now!

Thanks so much.

“It Must Work”
Just wanted to let you know that your advice is too good to be true…In such a horrible time it’s really important to know the correct way to handle the situation and make sure that you respect the other party’s interest and in the meantime trying to get them back. But unfortunately lots of people are unaware of it. What they don’t know is that patience is a virtue. Now I started to date my beloved one once again. And it became possible because of you. We had a relationship of 4 years then we separated for 2 and a half months. During the time of the split I did what you said and it worked! Man you are cool!!!

“Her sweet hands and knees”
Although it took a little bit of time I got my gal back. She is coming back to me all the way. Credit goes to you buddy!!
Making Conversation like old friends!
Just downloaded the e-book now and I want to make it work.


Just by using the video before reading the material, I talked to my ex for 40 minutes! I can’t remember when we talked last for such a long time. Now we realize that we have a future together. I behaved friendly and warmly. So did he!!!

Thanks a lot for showing the sample and I can’t wait to read the first line!!
Stay connected.

Together Again …
Guess what!!! Your advice worked and now we are together again!!!!!!!!!And thanks again for the precious advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holding each other’s hand….So easily…
I would like to inform you with a heart full of joy that we are back together. It was quite easily done!! Thanks a lot for all the information that you provided.
Surprised and pleased…
I am fully happy to have read the advice provided in THE Save A Breakup. The content quality was extremely good.
“My friend it’s working…”
Hey dude it really works. After a few weeks of remaining happy and calm we decided that it’s the time to get back together. Now she is telling me that she is going to give me another chance to start everything from the beginning. I am waiting for the right time to take her out. Thanks again dude.
Unbelievable, it works…
Thanks lord!!! Just got her back an hour ago!!This is so effective!!!
Going to have a beach getaway!
To start with, thanks for all of your help! An amazing book and I got my ex back within a few weeks of reading. It has been a long time since we last spoke. Fortunately I had this tool. I read your instructions and made them work. Now I don’t have to miss him anymore. It couldn’t have been possible without your help. Now we are going to celebrate our birthday together. Also we are arranging a beach getaway only for the two of us!!!

Thanks, thank you so much!!!
Just Married!!
First I wanted to say thanks for all the help including quotes, tips and tricks. He made the proposal and now we are married.
Again I shouted “OMG”…
OMG!! THIS WORKED IMMEDIATELY….My every attempt was wasted…..then I texted him with the secret….then……he started calling me back!!!!
Melted the ice between us…
Downloaded and worked! My ex called me and we spoke for about one whole hour! This was the first time since we last talked last year. The instructions provided in the book are really useful to renew the friendship. Still she is living with her new boyfriend but now the icy barrier between us is melted!
If it works till the end then I will fly to Arkansas and hug you! I promise!
Hope we will meet soon!
We are married and happy….
Thanks Harbon, I thoroughly reviewed some of the emails and used them in the right way. Now we are much happier than anytime ever and also we are married.
You are cool.
Planning a date this Friday…
Now I am talking with my ex more frequently than any time before. He is constantly texting and saying that he loves me. Going to have a date this Sunday….....[removed due to personal nature] 
Very informative…
Hey Harbon! How you doing man? I just had a look at your video*I admit that you are the one. You were very informative and effective when it comes to break ups.
It just took one week…
Purchased and got him back by the next week……. [removed due to personal nature]
My Ex is Coming Back From England!
Hello there! Please accept my congratulations! Thanks a lot for the helping hand! Your ideas are awesome. They gave me a whole new vision and made me able to feel it from another perspective!!! Never thought of it in such a way. I got a new idea about myself too. Now I know how to talk to him having full control of the situation.

We were having a long distance relationship and now he is coming to the UK to start everything from the beginning.
Regards and thanks so much
Save A Breakup
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Instant Access - 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week - 365 Days A Year!
Over 50,119 customers in 77 countries have used this proven system!